Towards Integral Health

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Mente | Cuore | Anima | Spirito

Psychological health means
spiritual health physical health relational health creative health

My name is Stefano and I am a psychologist/psychotherapist in Rome.
My approach to psychology/psychotherapy addresses the development, health and fulfillment of my patients.

In my practice in EUR, via della Divisione Torino, 80 (metro Laurentina) I treat not only traditional psychopathology but I am particularly interested in human growth and optimal health states. Integral psychology addresses the development of a wide range of bio-psycho-spiritual potentials.
My psychotherapy methodology not only treats the symptoms of poor psychological health, but also helps the patient become a mature and creative individual who contributes to the common good.
This psychological model views spirituality as a fundamental human dimension that is strongly connected to psychological health.

Humanity today more than ever needs concrete, honest, not superficial people, with open minds and hearts, who aim at essential and not ephemeral values, who are not obsessed with pleasure, image and success, who are tolerant, respectful of authority and confident in life.

What Transpersonal Psychotherapy Does
My work as a psychotherapist and psychologist follows the integral view of transpersonal psychology developed by Ken Wilber, in which human individuality is constituted as a set of potentials that are expressed in bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • The physical body is the seat of sensations,
  • the emotional body is of the emotions,
  • the mental body contains thoughts and all rational activity,
  • the spiritual body is the seat of the highest qualities, love and intuitive intellect.

Knowing how to integrate the dimensions of being by understanding at what level one's emerging needs are located is a factor in health and growth, so it is worth paying attention and listening to the instances coming from the bio-psycho-spiritual unity.

Working with me at my office in Rome, EUR, means pursuing an optimal state of health that facilitates the full expression of one's potential, thus contributing to the growth of humankind and the evolution of the world.

I went out of therapy with new skills, perspectives and ways of understanding myself and the world I live into. I think that's what Stefano is the best at offering as a therapist.

Silvia C.

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Il mio approccio tiene conto della dimensione spirituale come livello di sviluppo, non solo come esperienza dello sviluppo.
Lavorare con me significa affrontare le problematiche psicologiche e le conseguenti difficoltà, o psicopatologie, come disturbi dello sviluppo psico-spirituale.

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