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My intervention takes the psycho-spiritual development into account, that is, it revolves around the spiritual dimension as a level of development, not just as a developmental experience.

Therefore, my approach is both humanistic (Gestalt psychotherapy) and transpersonal, according to Wilber's model, called "integral psychotherapy."

As a patient motivated to embark on a psychotherapeutic journey with me, you will be able to address your psychological issues from the standpoint of both self-awareness and the integration of a development of your spiritual dimension.

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Long term or medium term intervention, with weekly or biweekly sessions.

Some areas for intervening:


Short term intervention, ranging from 8-10 weeks, with weekly sessions which can be renewed.

Some areas for intervening:

... From the very first meetings I realized that Stefano was the therapist I was looking for; he made me 'look' at my loneliness and problems in a new way; I finally understood the reasons for my suffering.

Giuliana S.​

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Our inner tensions aren't always clear; if you don't know how to frame your situation, I can help you gain clarity.

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