Patients' Experiences

Giuliana S.

During the first tough lockdown of 2020, in the months of March and April, I experienced an utter loneliness.
At the same time, my life was changing... Old pains strongly resurfaced and I could see that my 'knots' had not untied at all. I had tried therapies in the past but had not been satisfied with them. I felt the need for therapy that understood my 'essence,' the complexity of my nature. I then recalled meeting Stefano Pischiutta and having a very positive impression of him; in Stefano I had perceived a deep humanity combined with a sensitive and attentive gaze. I felt I could trust him and asked him if I could start therapy. The first appointment was on May 7, 2020. Already from the first meetings I understood that Stefano Pischiutta was the therapist I was looking for; he made me 'look' at my loneliness and problems in a new way; I finally understood the reasons for my suffering. He helped me tremendously. After a break I started therapy again, and this time not only to understand my problems but to know how to live better. Thank you Stephen

Adrian P.

If anyone that sees my review is wondering if working with Stefano is worth it, I totally recommend you give it a try as I am sure you will thank me later. After a near death car accident, exactly when I was getting better and better, I fell into depression and a few of my best friends were just telling me they are working with an Italian psychotherapist over the internet. It was not the first time doing therapy, as I know how important this is when you want to evolve and want to step forward faster, so I got in touch with Stefano and for one year we worked together going into a lot of aspects that were holding me back and that once faced, make a better new version of yourself. I also believe that any aspect that you manage to sort out for yourself is going to help the future generation. Stefano is really friendly and understanding and has a unique way of getting info out of you, so it was really easy to go into a lot of details and work out a lot of aspects that were creating pressure in my life. I totally recommend you give it a go!

Silvia C.

Long before Stefano entered my life, I was almost convinced that I will need very long term therapy and with different therapists, due to the complexity of the inner pain I used to carry and the strong tendency to overthink and rationalise every aspect of my life.

Then, Stefano appeared and I was introduced to his perspective, which is strongly influenced by Ken Wilber's work regarding the Integral Theory. From that moment, I understood that therapy is more than understanding, explaining, preparing or overcoming my own limits and issues. Stefano made it to be about integrating them, so now I can directly benefit from the all experiences of my life, even the painful ones.

Surprisingly for me, due to his amazing capacity of containing and supporting emotionally my unconscious during our collaboration, it got shorter than expected. But not the benefit of it, which I still feel deep inside me in difficult moments.

The process was not easy. He is not a easy going therapist, he was never avoiding to tell me the most honest feedback (even when I didn't like it), he didn't allow my mind to fascinate his mind with its power for thinking and complexity - but despite the frustration of the moment, it was right to do. By not being lost in my mind, I was taught to observe and contain my own mind - and this is an amazing skill because it allows me to constantly grow, independent of the terapeutic process.

I never needed a therapist for my concret problems, but for the existential pain I had (even tho' the existential pain is always reflecting in concrete problems), for the "Ï don't know what's wrong with me, but for sure something is wrong with me" part of my mind. Stefano didn't told me to accept myself in order to heal, he was there to accept me when I could not, to love me when I hated myself, to stop me when I hurt myself, he stand for me when I self-judged, and during the process he created inside me a wiser voice of myself which I can relay on <3

I went out of therapy with new skills, perspectives and ways of understanding myself and the world I live into. I think that's what Stefano is the best at offering as a therapist.

Anna P.

My name is Anna, and I am 53 years old, I came to Stefano in a period of great mental and physical distress and disorder.
I felt like a leaf in the wind with no roots and no points of reference, and perhaps worst of all I was very arrogant and empty, and as a result interpersonal relationships were very bad.

I was born and raised in a dysfunctional family: mom suffered from schizophrenia and dad was an illiterate and uncaring unfortunate soul.
I am the second of three daughters raised poorly by a sick mom in a catty and poor environment, where the highest aspiration for a woman was to get married, have children and above all suffer.

I remember now the first session, I was afraid that Stefano would not accept me as his patient.
We worked together for 10 years, the best years of my life, I like to call them my formative years.
The path was not easy, but I had no choice, I had suffered too much. I had to get out of that swamp I was in.

I am very grateful to Stefano for every single session in both individual and group. I am grateful for his patience, for his religious silences in sensitive moments, and for his assertive and above all empathetic listening.
I am grateful to him for teaching me relaxation techniques and especially for his being a meditative therapist; he introduced me to meditation and I notice its benefits every day.

Working Together I was able to rebuild my relationship with my dear mother. I had the pleasure of discovering and experiencing maternal love. I thought it was not possible but instead it happened. Thinking about it now seems like something miraculous.

Stefano's most outstanding quality is the raw hints; he certainly doesn't mince words, but then the rewards of its evolution come.

Fiorentina C.

Dr. Pischiutta guided and helped me through a near decade-long journey that began as a game and unknowingly. The first few years I resisted several times, my dark sides were touched and it was easier to run away. But then psychotherapy became vital for me on a path of growth and awareness. It has definitely helped me deal with difficulties and the everyday in a more concrete and real way. So much so that I often find myself thinking, "What would Stephen say..."

Francesco Z.
For a number of years I have been lucky enough to work with Stefano and others in groups under his leadership. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone. I started out of necessity. I needed to resolve a strong personal discomfort that was preventing me from living a decent life. I harbored a sense of mistrust toward other people in general and was constantly harboring resentment and anger toward everything around me. The work provided me with the opportunity to gain a new, more mature view of myself and others, allowing me to re-establish proper personal dynamics and interpersonal relationships. This marked the beginning of a new life path by providing me with the tools for the desired self-realization.
Alberta S.

I had lost the direction in my life. I no longer felt emotions, joys, and especially tranquility.

For so many years, I had felt lost I was always angry with myself and with the people who were so dear to me. I was doing things forcefully, I no longer had patience, I was always sad, when that I, I have always been a sunny person.

Inside me, my soul, it had been undone. I didn't know how to make decisions. So one day I decided to get help from a Psychologist.

I found him, and I made the appointment right away. I started Psychotherapy with Dr. Stefano Pischiutta. He is a Professional Psychologist for me. Very good, he knows his job very well, he helped me so much, he went to my very bottom bringing me back up to the reality of today that I, I didn't have anymore, he enlightened my life, and my mind, and my soul on everything: I mean really everything.

He made me know my inner self. I hold him in high esteem because he is a great Professional, and today I have him to thank Dr. Stefano Pischiutta who brought me back to me, my rebirth.

Amir K.

With Stefano, I found the space where I can put my soul on the tray without fear of being judged or not accepted.

Through the meetings I have had so far, I have better understood my needs and I have become more aware of myself, my actions and the impact they have on my perception of myself.

Reality and the future are built on what I believe at this moment, and what I believe is influenced by what I do, by movement, by action.

In a world that moves very fast, with constant information everywhere you look, with worries, responsibilities and the pressure of a certain desired future, a therapist like Stefano offers me a healing space where non-judgment, listening and human connection are present.

Good thoughts and gratitude for the journey you are on, traveler!

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